• Don’t Get Robbed of Your Life!

    Addictions have the power to hold you captive, effectively freezing progress and causing a regression of development in your life. Drugs, alcohol and destructive behaviors can tear apart your family, destroy friendships and lead to financial ruin. At the Whole Recovery Center, we teach you to find or create opportunity in the face of adversity.

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    Don’t Get Robbed of Your Life!
  • New Beginning

    At Whole Recovery Center we understand addiction and know that it doesn’t have to be a lifelong affliction. We rehabilitate patients from around the world and teach them how to live a happy, healthy lifestyle. Our program emphasizes the factors that feed addictive behaviors. We get to the source of the problem, effectively treating the main cause of an individual’s addictions.

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    New Beginning
  • Recover in Costa Rica

    Our program is far from usual. We treat our patients as individual residents with unique issues and requirements. No two recovery processes are the same. We have a profound respect for our residents and customize their treatment program in order to properly and effectively treat their addictions.

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    Recover in Costa Rica
Whole Recovery Center, formerly called the Tropical Oasis, is one of the most successful addiction rehab facilities in the world. The program combines terapeutic excercises, nutrition and psychotherapy methods. This helps activate the brains ability to produce normal hormone levels and functions, like the ability to feel happiness from daily activities rather than drugs. [raw]

Breaking news! We just opened a second treatment center in magnificent Panama. See the pictures!


Whole Recovery Center is nestled on the Pacific Coast region of Costa Rica. Breathtaking panoramic views of pristine beaches, tropical forests, and wildlife and ocean views paired with world class care effectively assists in the recovery process. Let us teach you how to heal in unforgettable, unparalleled surroundings. Our healthy atmosphere, beautiful natural surroundings and caring staff are waiting to help you get your life back. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for support.

Thanks to its whole body approach and innovative methods, the Whole Recovery Center has an impressive recovery rate. We are so confident in our rehabilitation program that we will promise you this: one year of a drug free life or you can return for treatment basically free of charge. Our Costa Rican setting is a premier destination to enable you to get your life back one step at a time. Reset your senses. Be soothed and heal in our lush natural environment. This is a rehabilitation program that really works.


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At the Whole Recovery Center, we teach you to find or create opportunity in the face of adversity.   Transform your worst pain and weaknesses into your greatest sources of strength. Develop the power within to conquer your addictions.   We are what we believe we are. With a strong sense of self, you can be and do anything.

The Whole Recovery Center helped me finally get sober. I’ve been to rehab 3 times in the last ten years, and felt before that I wasn’t prepared to go home when I did. I didn’t believe in myself or understand my addiction fully before. Thanks to all the classes and therapy, I do now. I left Whole Recovery almost 3 years ago ready to fight and win. And I did. I’m still sober. I respect and trust myself now and I am actively involved in my future. They helped me earn my life back. –Tammy, Los Angeles

I’m so grateful to the staff. I learned so much and am a stronger person for making it through the program. Though I lost many years of my life to my addiction, everything in my life now has changed completely – for the better. I owe the team at the Whole Recovery Center my life. –Trina, Scottsdale

I was absolutely shocked that the exercises worked. I still do them several times a day. I learned a lot about helping myself while I was at the Whole Recovery Center. They made sure I could maintain sobriety before I left their facility. I’ve been home for almost one year and have not suffered a relapse. I never thought I would say this, but sobriety has made my life so much better. I owe it all to them for giving me the strength to fight my own battles. –Tracy, Nebraska