About us

Holistic and Traditional Treatments

At the Whole Recovery Center, we do exactly as our name implies – we give our patients a well-rounded treatment program for the mind, body, and soul. We use a combination of allopathic, psychiatric and holistic modalities to heal our patients. Because our unique and innovative program is so carefully thought out, tested, studied and customized for each patient, we have astoundingly high success rates. We use pharmaceuticals only when it’s really needed and often work very effectively using pharmaceutical free protocol to compliment or replace, it helps to reduce significantly withdrawals and sometimes eliminate complitely and  also avoid side effects of pharmaceutical detox. We also implement a distinctive exercise, nutrition and psychotherapy regimen that helps the human brain restore natural functions and capacities. Our program helps our patients get their joy in life back. We know that doing this gives our residents the best possible chance at recovery because they are happy and no longer mentally hunger for an escape from everyday life.

We use an innovative method of care that was first developed and used by Dr. Jacob Marshak in Moscow, Russia. He found that by following his protocols, a group of 200 heroin addicts who completed his 21 day program had a 7 out of 10 non-relapse rate 2 years after graduation from his program. Dr. Marshak now has over 20 successful years of experience treating addictions with his holistic recovery program. His clinics are legendary for their success.

Natural Surroundings

Dr. Jacob Marshak understood that every human psyche has a built in chemical reward system. When chemical imbalances occur from substance abuse or genetic predisposition, the sufferer will find any way they can to stimulate their mind to release reward chemicals. Unless mood controlling hormones are restored to normal functioning levels, an addict’s emotions and thought processes will be askew. There is no long term rehabilitation method that will work until hormone levels are balanced. Our program addresses hormonal imbalances effectively.

To balance the reward mechanism in the brain, Doctor Marshak prescribes individualized healing protocols, which include medicinal nutrition and supplements, exercises, therapeutic breathing excersises  and meditative relaxation techniques. Within the first few days of the program, the vast majority of patients begin to feel naturally content and happy. Once this mood is sustainable, they are attended to by expert psychotherapists. Patients are treated with compassion while they are faced with confronting trauma and help sources of anguish become a source of power and growth.

The program gets to the root of the problem and reroutes the way the body and mind function as one. The day the resident walks away from our clinic, they have a new perspective on life and the necessary tools at their disposal to maintain sobriety happily and successfully. While state owned American rehabilitation programs have a 3-5% success rate and private rehabilitations have a 15-20% success rate, the Whole Recovery Program sets its sights on exceeding the 70% success rate previously demonstrated by the same program in Russia.

Superb Success Rate

We are so confident in our program that we offer a 1 year guarantee. If the patient relapses within the first year, they are welcome back at basically no cost.

Consider the Possibilities….

You can escape your current environment and come to a haven of healing in a lush, tropical seaside oasis. When you come here, there’s no one else to worry about. It’s time to focus on healing yourself.
Every day of your treatment, you will experience relaxing, soothing holistic healing spa like treatments and individually adjusted therapeutic yoga exercises. We work with you in this safe, comforting environment to correct hormone imbalances in the brain and address the root causation driving the addiction.

Traveling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been a highly regarded vacation destination. In 2009, this small country was rated the happiest in the world! Costa Rica has:

  • Tropical wildlife like birds, monkeys and Three Toed Sloths
  • Costa Rica borders the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Caribbean Sea on the East
  • Costa Rica borders Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south
  • The Whole Recovery Center is on the hill overlooking the stunning Pacific Ocean beaches

Fully Licensed and Accredited

All staff members at the Whole Recovery Center are licensed and accredited in their fields. Our hiring selection process is stringent. All of our medical staff members are specialists in their fields and in addiction treatment. More importantly for you is that all staff are interested in your success and we all care about you.
We have licensed psychologists and psychiatrists on staff.

The Whole Recovery Center helped me finally get sober. I’ve been to rehab 3 times in the last ten years, and felt before that I wasn’t prepared to go home when I did. I didn’t believe in myself or understand my addiction fully before. Thanks to all the classes and therapy, I do now. I left Whole Recovery almost 3 years ago ready to fight and win. And I did. I’m still sober. I respect and trust myself now and I am actively involved in my future. They helped me earn my life back. –Tammy, Los Angeles

I’m so grateful to the staff. I learned so much and am a stronger person for making it through the program. Though I lost many years of my life to my addiction, everything in my life now has changed completely – for the better. I owe the team at the Whole Recovery Center my life. –Trina, Scottsdale

I was absolutely shocked that the exercises worked. I still do them every day. I learned a lot about helping myself while I was at the Whole Recovery Center. They made sure I could maintain sobriety before I left their facility. I’ve been home for almost one year and have not suffered a relapse. I never thought I would say this, but sobriety has made my life so much better. I owe it all to them for giving me the strength to fight my own battles. –Tracy, Nebraska